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A.D. Martin Lumber would be thrilled to quote your project, big or small. Let us earn your confidence and your business! We don’t cut corners to try and get the cheapest bid. We carry select structural white fir in all our yards. The old motto of ”you get what you pay for” holds true to this day. Let A.D. Martin get your project started right!

If you have an electronic version of your blueprints shoot us an email:

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You are also more than welcome to swing by, have a cup of coffee and we can discuss your prints. If you have questions or concerns we are just a phone call away. The lumber market fluctuates similar to gas or oil prices. Our prices reflect the current market price. If your project is delayed, market prices may have risen or fallen. If so, please let us re-price your project. You may be pleasantly surprised.

We also offer tech tips and free advice so don't hesitate to talk to us!

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