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StrataDensity Furnace Filters

StrataDensity Furnace Filters

Designed for general air filtration applications with light to medium dust loading conditions, StrataDensity™ disposable panel filters are engineered for sturdy, economical performance and ease of use. Available in a wide range of sizes and two thickness configurations, StrataDensity™ filters are used in all types of HVAC systems to protect the coils from dirt. They are also used as prefilters to extend the life of higher efficiency filters.

  • High Arrestance: StrataDensity™ filters are constructed with AAF manufactured premium grade fiberglass media. More fibers ensure StrataDensity™ filters have higher arrestance and clean air better than competitive filters.
  • High Dust Holding Capacity: The media is coated with a light adhesive to increase the amount of dirt the filters can hold. Higher dust holding capacity means longer service life and lower operating costs
  • Compression Resistant, Double-Skinned Media: The double-skinned media design eliminates the need for scrim or metal retainers by building the strength requirements into the fiberglass. Through the use of computer automation, the fibers can now be spun in a pattern that actually duplicates the holding strength of scrim type retainers. The double-skinned fiberglass retainer also provides a better adhesive bond to the frame because it is spun into the media. This new technology has produced a superior product without additional cost.
  • Frame Strength: A continuous adhesive bond between the media pad and chipboard frame maximizes construction strength to reduce handling damage and permit longer storage life.

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